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It’s been a busy busy day.  I shot 7 new clips today alone.  I shot 21 new clips this whole week.  I’m swimming in new videos, drowning in hot, new content.

I wanted to make sure you don’t miss a beat or kink… you can even approach me for custom content, if that’s what you’re needing.

Look below at all these images, title pages of a great assortment of new stuff shot in the last few months, and it’s not even everything.

I upload it on a few platforms, but the place that gets EVERYTHING is my Clips4sale store #4083.  Go there and see!


“We can have playtime in my little playroom
Disco dollies, my Sex Dwarf and my dumb chauffeur” – Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell

Cleaning the dungeon before rentals this afternoon.

I finally took current photos of the dungeon, just now
Everytime people contacted me for rentals I only had photos from 4-5 years ago.

A lot has changed in that time.



I’m centrally located in New Orleans.  I am only 4 blocks from the closest edge of the French Quarter, one block outside of the Marigny Triangle, near Frenchman St.

Hours of Availability:

I tend to say I am/my dungeon is available 10a to 10p with advanced notice (preferably a day minimum).

In all honesty, with more notice, I’m inclined to allow booking outside of those hours, on occasion.

I rent the dungeon hourly, single or multiple hours, but do not have accommodations or ability to offer overnight sleeping accommodations.


Dungeon rental is $60/hr ($20 of which is the security deposit, the remaining $40 due at the time of your appointment)

Sessions starts at $300/hr for an individual, ($50 of which is the security deposit, the remaining $250 due at the time of your appointment)

Couple’s sessions are $400/hr ($100 of which is the security deposit, the remaining $300 due at the time of your appointment)

What’s available for guests’ use during the rental:

Dungeon rentals include access to BOTH rooms.  There are tons of implements and restraints available on the wall racks.  You are welcome to use all of these items displayed upon the walls (not any of the items kept in the drawers or closet of the dungeons).

The items on the wall, available for your use include:

  • Whips, floggers, paddles, canes, crops
  • Wrist and ankle restraints, gags, blindfolds, collars, leashes, harnesses
  • Gas masks
  • Spreader bars
  • Humblers

Dungeon/bondage furniture available for your use in the playspace:

  • 2 St Andrews crosses
  • 1 Crucifixion cross
  • 1 Bondage table
  • 1 Spanking horse
  • 1 Spanking platform
  • 1 Standing cage
  • 1 Houdini box
  • 1 Set of Liberator sex cushions
  • 2 Sex swings (one in each of the two playrooms)
  • 1 Masters Series smother box

To book your dungeon rental or session, email Mistress Genevieve at neworleansdominas@gmail.com


Below are the most recent photos of the dungeon, taken November 2022

Mistress Genevieve’s New Orleans Dungeon Rentals

Mistress Genevieve is available for Distance Training, Phone Session and Fetish Chat over Niteflirt.

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After much difficulty and the heavy restrictions on the type of content I’m allowed to post, I haven’t left OnlyFans but I am exploring other options.

Two weeks ago, Goddess Lilith Astaroth convinced me to join LoyalFan.  So far, I love their features, layout and features way more than I care for those of OnlyFans.  I also have been posting content there everyday, often a few times of day, and haven’t had any issues (OnlyFans loves to send me TOS warnings, deleting my content  and then refuses to tell me how I was in violation.  They have even fought with me, insisting photos of me were of a guest model and demanding a model release… then refused it when I insisted it was just me.)

Well, now that I have been on LoyalFans this long and with posting as frequently as I do, it seems a good time to run a special “new subscribers” offer,

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Hello perverts and pervettes,

It’s been a while.  I have so many new things to share with you.



Since, I last checked in I’ve been very focused on my videos and photo content.  I’ve produced so much new content that my Clips4sale store has been releasing a new video about every other day and am starting to get my Manyvids store releasing at the same frequency as well.

Some of the clips on Clips4sale aren’t going to ever post to my ManyVids or my OnlyFans ever, due to the additional hoops those sites require for model releases.  So Clips4sale is the first place to look if you want it the freshest and hottest.



Due to all the stress of Terms of Service and crazy additional requirements for having other people in my content on Onlyfans, I recently started a new fan site on LoyalFans… at the recommendation of Goddess Lilith Astaroth.

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Pretty soon I hope to be up for a regular cam chat room on my LoyalFans, as well.  I definitely have a lot planned for my subscribers there.

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If phone sessions or text sessions are your thing, I’ve got good news for you too!  I’ve resumed very regular availability on both Niteflirt and SextPanther.

NiteFlirt is my preference for phone sessions.

SextPanther is my preference for text sessions.



I’ve been taking more custom video and photo requests these days.  Do you have interest in something special, specific or personalized?  Email me with those requests!


Visit all of these sites to see all the exciting updates I’ve just told you about!

Clip4sale: http://Clips4sale.com/store/4083

ManyVids: http://ManyVids.com

OnlyFans: http://OnlyFans.com/NewOrleansDominatrix

LoyalFans: https://www.loyalfans.com/msgenevieve

NiteFlirt: http://NiteFlirt.com/MistressGenevieve

SextPanther: https://www.sextpanther.com/Ms-Genevieve



One of the most difficult things about being a dominatrix almost 30 years and trying to be aware of toxic tropes and being emotionally and mentally healthy and responsible is that it is in direct conflict with the stereotypes that some hang their whole fantasies on.

One of the skills a good dominatrix has to master is how to bring that illusion of toxicity to the table for those subs that NEED it, turn it on and off at exactly the right times and in the exact right levels and administer the appropriate after care to insure that you’re riding that line between psychodramatic roleplay of toxic tropes and not crossing over it into damage and abuse.

Even more so, a dominatrix’s goal is to help that sub reach a height of intense subspace that sit right at that line… the more you succeed in hitting that high, the more that line can expand outward and move. You have to keep renegotiating and giving more space for input to determine if the sub will need to go further to keep getting that intense, cathartic high.

The responsibility isn’t just to their safety, but in some cases it’s to the thrilling illusion of danger.
It’s complicated. It can be in constant flux.

It requires a lot of self restraint if you want to not exhaust them from hitting extremely high subspace to the point they have to space play out too far, as well.

Then there’s discerning IF communication between appointments is appropriate, how much is or isn’t appropriate and if not really into keeping intouch between sessions you have to figure out how to keep that connection without compromising your discomfort with chatting too much between.

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This week I’ve been watching these men’s dating groups where men say they absolutely must have a submissive woman because they are dominant, because strong women are too masculine, because women need to not have opinions or needs and only serve… that sounds like someone who isn’t really dominant. That’s a fragile ego masquerading as dominance… that’s DOMINEERING, not DOMINANT.

There doesn’t have to be a weak person to be able to tell another person is strong in contrast.
There doesn’t have to be a submissive person to be able to tell that another person’s personality is dominant.

Dominance is also not a single archetype.
It can present in different ways depending on the other traits of someone’s personality.

Dominance can be playful.
Dominance can be dry.
Dominance can be nurturing.
Dominance can be snarky.
Dominance can be poised.
Dominance can be mischievous.
Dominance can be completely monotone.

Dominance can be toned down to better accommodate a situation and for a higher purposes.

A dominant person can partner happily with other dominants, just as easily as they can those who are more submissively inclined.
In fact, some rather enjoy it.

As a dominant, I am secure with men who aren’t submissive as much as I am those who are.

As a dominant, I actually prefer submissives who communicate their needs, so I might make my expectations and demands of them serve me without being a harm to them in anyway.

As a dominant, I am secure in relationships with switches and other dominants, and even those who just want mushy lovey partnering (I guess that’s vanilla for switch).

I rather love straight forward, communicative, secure subs who know how to voice their needs, what they think and what they feel. The more information I have, the better I can direct things to a desirable end for us BOTH.
The less input I have, the more opportunity to hit an off button thinking it’s an on button and set us back or drop it entirely.

The more they are able to communicate their needs, the more I can make sure my wants are in a healthy balance that allows for the longevity of an interaction or relationship.

The more I am aware of the balance between what I want and what they need, the more they will be capable of continuing to please me with their service.

Example: if their need is to not expose their identity and they don’t say they need a mask in video = a potential that someone might identify them and disrupt their work or home environment… which comes back around and hurts their ability to serve.

Example: if they have to catch a flight, but don’t sufficiently communicate this need and concern … my sudden call to serve causes them to miss their flight or forget something important preparing for that trip… the disruption in their life or income can come full circle and affect their ability to serve or spoil.

Example: if they have a knee problem and don’t let it be known… I put them through traditional positions… they can’t function properly through the rest of the session and for some time after they leave.

Example: if they let me use their credit cards but don’t tell me what is their REAL financial ability, allowing me to spend recklessly (as is their fantasy)… they suffer consequences in their adulting (bankruptcy, disconnected utilities, homelessness) … neither of us get to continue to enjoy spoiling. We would have had I been aware of the situation enough to pace it properly.

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One thing that I’ve noticed when people call me to inquire about a session is that many of you seem to think that “domination” is an adequate answer when I ask you what you’re into.

Unfortunately, it is essentially NOT answering the question at all.  It is to be assumed, if you’re calling a dominatrix that you’re more than likely seeking a domination session, but that is a very wide ranging subject and extremely vague term that fails to give a Dominant any insight to you as a submissive.  More than that, as a safe, sane and consensual, ethical dominant it’s essentially to have AT LEAST some type and degree of pre-scene negotiation.  That is standard for the BDSM lifestyle and also as a fetish provider.  (Beware any dominant who doesn’t attempt even a minimal discussion of what your interests and limitations are, especially if you’ve had no trust or rapport built.)

I just made this little survey to better get to know you as a sub and the type of play and dynamic you’re seeking from serving and/orplaying with me or any other play partner.


What does domination look like to you, as a kinky bottom?




[  ] Sensual dominance, body worship, tease

[  ] Cuckolding, orgasm denial, SPH, voyeurism

[  ] Sensory deprivation or sensory overload 

[  ] Traditional discipline, corporal punishment, percussion play

[  ] Service oriented submission, being useful and helpful 

[  ] Pampering and spoiling or financial domination

[  ] Masochism, pain play, genital torment 

[  ] Verbal humiliation, verbal mindfuck, verbal tease

[  ] Extreme restraint, inescapable bonds

[  ] Humiliation and degradation with bodily odors and bodily functions

[  ] Fear play, psychodrama, threats, boundary testing

[  ] Gender exploration, feminization, cross-dressing, guided transitioning

[  ] Medical play, clinical invasive play, medical procedures for erotic therapies 

[  ] Power dynamic roleplay (boss/employee, teacher/student, law enforcement/perp or prisoner)

[  ] Non-sexual objectification (serving as furniture or other inanimate objects)

[  ] Sexual objectification (providing sex services for others on demand and with no reciprocation or consideration of your sexual needs)

[  ] Public humiliation, humiliation and subjugation under multiple dominants or in view of others

[  ] Puppy/pony training or other roleplay as trainable animal or pets

[  ] Guided meditation, hypnotic influences 

[  ] Being subjected to various intoxes

[  ] Age related roleplay or wearing pampers

[  ] Percussion play, corporal punishment, spanking, flogging

[  ] Consensual humiliation based on race/religion or various types of body shaming.

[  ] Teasing related to fetish imagery and fetish indulgences (smoking, wardrobe, lipstick etc.)

[  ] Firmly guided exploration of bisexuality and homosexuality 

[  ] OTHER (please explain)



(You can cut and paste your reply, or simply delete those that don’t apply to you)


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