After much difficulty and the heavy restrictions on the type of content I’m allowed to post, I haven’t left OnlyFans but I am exploring other options.

Two weeks ago, Goddess Lilith Astaroth convinced me to join LoyalFan.  So far, I love their features, layout and features way more than I care for those of OnlyFans.  I also have been posting content there everyday, often a few times of day, and haven’t had any issues (OnlyFans loves to send me TOS warnings, deleting my content  and then refuses to tell me how I was in violation.  They have even fought with me, insisting photos of me were of a guest model and demanding a model release… then refused it when I insisted it was just me.)

Well, now that I have been on LoyalFans this long and with posting as frequently as I do, it seems a good time to run a special “new subscribers” offer,

I’m about to be up on cam there very soon, to.


Click the image below for 25% off of your first month on LoyalFans!

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