Slow reopening

Covid 19 has completely changed life in so many ways. To adapt ourselves to this new world there will be much necessary contemplating on safety,

I have spent the last 4 months in quarantine, but am slowly taking appointments again.

You will be expected to be well and wash up upon entering. There will be no more than one session booked per day.

New clients will be expected to make deposits to secure their appointment.

I also have expanded my methods of online training, distance training for the best social distancing options. In addition to the phone sessions and other services I offer through Niteflirt and my video clip store on Clips4sale, I have opened an Onlyfans and Sextpanther.

My Onlyfans subscribers receive daily NSFW content for only $10 a month and get discounted early releases of my latest video clips before they hit my clip store.






How now?!

Yeah, we’re all adjusting to life in quarantine. I am working out how to see you safely as we speak. Low volume booking with high disinfectant protocol… temperature checks… pre-play wash-up.

There are other ways to get together or worship while social distancing.

I have been posting new content everyday for my Onlyfans members and still doing phone and online sessions over Niteflirt, as well as selling video clips in my clip store.

‪I obviously love my boobs.‬
‪You see A LOT of them on my Onlyfans., as you can see below. Those are all new photos from late May and early June 2020!

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Late May to Early June 2020

For the sake of social and professional responsibility, your health and mine, I’m not currently available for in-person appointments and will have new health and safety measures in place when sessions resume.


I am available for phone sessions via NiteFlirt.

Niteflirt is also the only place you may text chat with me during quarantine. As there is no way to book a session for the next month, thanks to CoVid19, all chatter on text is irrelevant to booking and therefore is considered a text session.

I offer phone with cam sessions on Niteflirt again and accepting Skype sessions by appointment.

Please check my Clips4sale store for downloadable video content.

I also just created an onlyfans account and am updating with new sets of nudes every other day.


When sessions do resume, expect that I will have extra health and safety protocols in order, such as pre-session temperature checks, pre-session showers and possible masking. This is in addition to the bleach and Lysol spray down of all surfaces that will take place before and after your appointment.


For the sake of social and professional responsibility, your health and mine, I’m not currently available for in-person appointments.

I am available for phone sessions via NiteFlirt.


I am also about to start taking phone with cam sessions on Niteflirt again and accepting Skype sessions by appointment.

Please check my Clips4sale store for downloadable video content.




The safeword/phrase I chose for yesterday’s Alice in Wonderland shoot dominating the Mad Hatter: “We’re all mad here!”

It was perfect.
He did end up using it and it was such an appropriate safeword that it won’t require editing around it.

I just responded, “Did you just say, ‘We’re all mad here.’?!”
“Get on your knees!”.

In scene safe words are fun to play with.
I played with a smart ass masochist ex of mine once; I put him in bondage for him to try to get out of and made the safeword, “Genevieve is GOD!”.
Something his smart ass would struggle to keep from saying.

The universal safeword experienced players already know is “red”, but I still get asked
what the safeword is by new clients.
My advice when asked this is, if not told a safeword, then “safeword” IS a safeword!
It makes even more sense than “red” (which already makes tons of sense itself).

The reason why I tell them this is many will ask to play without safewords and for that type of player, being told a safeword before you play ruins their fantasy because the scene begins the second they are in your presence. Letting safeword be the safeword allows them the headspace of this being merciless cruelty, but still have an emergency killswitch just in case.

It’s awesome to have fun with your safeword.
Why say red to stop one activity and redirect the scene to verbal humiliation and slaps instead by phrases like, “You’re a cunt!”.
Mistress stops and stays in role with something like, “Did you just call me a ‘cunt’, you little shit?! (sub confirms)… THAT’S IT! Punishment! You’re going to mop the floor with your face!”. Then wraps their head with paper towel… or run long dialogue (1-2 minutes) about punishment to space between activities as the sub collects themselves and readies for more at a lesser intensity or different play.

You don’t have to break the power exchange role or fantasy or continuity of a scene to have a safeword called; you just need to pick safewords that are well thought to maintain the tone and flow and not feel like the sub has control to stop things even when they do.


Sissy looked so good with the huge fake tits and corset I put on them yesterday.


Mistress Genevieve’s Big Titty Sissy Slut

ssy #kink #prodomme #bdsm


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I desperately need a yardwork slave… must have tools, must be in New Orleans.

It is not very much yard, but in its current state of neglect it is a dense jungle!

Email genevieve@msgenevieve.com


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Hello my pervy little pets.

Are you ready for some freaky, fun fetish adventures?  August is always the calm before the storm.

If you’re from New Orleans you already know that Labor Day weekend is always Southern Decadence weekend.  Southern Decadence can only be best described as a Leather Gay version Mardi Gras.  It’s definitely lived up to its name with decadent, lewd anc lascivious conduct loudly and proudly displayed in all its glory, flooding out into the streets.

For the first time in my life, in all of my years living in New Orleans, I finally joined a Mardi Gras Krewe.  If you’re not from here you may not have realized that some Mardi Gras Krewe march in all sorts of parades through out the year.

I am a proud, new member of the Krewe of Goddesses and the Southern Decadence parade on Sunday will be my first parade rolling with my Krewe.  Keep an eye out for me!

This is the Big Bang that starts off New Orleans tourist season and ushers in the insanely busy social calendar of Halloween season.

VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR HOUSTON SESSIONS ON SEPTEMBER 9th and 22nd.  Email: genevieve@msgenevieve.com

The next big news for September is that I will be making two VERY short , one day trips to Houston.  I’ll be around, out and about in Htown and trying to fit in a Slave or two on September 9th and then returning again, for only one day on the 22nd.

I’m a featured guest performer at the Sinical Magazine Fetish Ball in Houston on the 22nd.  That will be a really sexy and exciting affair for all.

When I return from that Houston trip it will be less than a week till my next big kinky adventure and last hoorah of the month.  That is when I will be hosting the third monthly party of my new kinky collaboration called “O”.

If September is going to be this fast and wild, I can only imagine what October will hold.

Fasten your seatbelts!




Mistress Genevieve


August Dungeon Play Party

Southern Decadence is almost here and O is proud to announce the August pre-Decadence sex positive BDSM dungeon Party on August 24th, 2018.

Welcome to O, New Orleans’ newest intimate evening of socializing, community building, and adult sensory exploration. This event is a safe, sane and consensual lifestyle experience where open-minded, open-hearted friends and lovers can indulge their desires and engage with other like-minded folks.

The evening takes place in a privately owned, two room kink play space that is guaranteed to be the most equipped play facility in the city. Amenities include multiple bondage and massage tables, stockades, 2 swings, 2 spanking horses, a houdini cube, a cage, multiple suspension areas and endless implements for the use of our guests.

It’s a wicked wonderland in the heart of the city.


Consent is key. Play is encouraged, but not required of any guest.

This is an inclusive, inter-sectional community and scene in which all receive equal warmth, hospitality and respect. We will not tolerate any non-consensual expression of discrimination or shaming, and such behavior will result in being barred from events.


O will operate on a ‘PAL’ system similar to Kinky Salon NOLA. A PAL is someone(s) (up to two) who you know and trust and with whom you will  arrive and depart the party. PALs will also be responsible for each other’s behavior over the course of the party–this helps to create the safe, sociable, sexy atmosphere that we strive for. Please be aware that we will ask for you PAL information at the time of ticketing.

**Note**: PALs can be of any relationship, age (21+), gender, or sexual identity, and do not have to be your sexual or romantic partner, just someone who you know and trust.

Admission is on a sliding scale, $30 for each general guest, $20 for SWers and those of lesser financial ability. 10% of each monthly event’s profits will be donated to a local charity close to our hearts; August’s charity is NO AIDS Task Force.  http://www.noaidstaskforce.com

NO AIDS Task Force does so much for our sexy city to keep us healthy.  From free condoms and lube… to free HIV and hepatitis testing… to affordable and low-to-no cost full panel STD/STI screenings and more.

This is us giving a little back.

To make further inquiries or reserve your spot at this limited attendance event, email Mistress at oproductionsnola@gmail.com

We look forward to your attendance and future bonding experiences together… and possibly bondage together. 😉

All guests in attendance also receive discounted rental for private dungeon use at a later date.