I’ve been back in front of the camera.

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There are a lot of new shoots and more to come!
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by Julie Simoneby Danny Stygion for Sinical Magazine
by Southern Grace Photography, New Orleans

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So Much News

Long time no talk!!!
There’s a lot of big news to share with you all!


So much more is afoot… (pun intended… hint, hint)
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Latex Addict

By the way…I am such a bad girl…I have a second latex dress coming in France, and 2 latex dresses coming in from England…purrr….I will need a ton pf silicon lube…I am also looking at several other latex outfits, and will need to cycle out to leather again and get My other leather shipped here from New Orleans. I am so sick of PVC, but occasionally still buy it.

Luckily, My keen check this month is more than 2 and a half what My rent is per month… Yes, it is quite a bit over $1000… I had neglected My keen for years till just recently, now I think that it should cover My monthly bills and rent and the rest of My money should go to My wardrobe and other projects. Doing so many shoots and films every couple of weeks lately means I have to have wardrobe for it all. I am still waiting on My shipment from Versatile.

I think I will go order another latex outfit…toodles.


Over all it has been a good day…

Helena was enlightneing Me to the stuff it takes to actually be a pro-actress…expensive classes, techniques she studies, and so much more…it really changed My outlok from My personal past in musical theater to what exists around Me living in the entertainment capital of the world.

I had 2 great sessions today, but then I had 2 naughty boys who booked appointments, called and confirmed and then still stood oup their sessions.

And just a reminder to all of you Tex-icans like Myself… it was on this day (over 120 years ago) that Texas succeeded from the USA for a brief period during the civil war to fight on the side of the confederates, and was the only state that left the union legally due to it’s having had been a Republic…so tonight remind someone who pisses you off “Fuck You, I’m From Texas, YEE-MOTHER FUCKIN’ HAW!”. and yell out, “Fight, Fuck, Kill…TEXAS!”. Yeah, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the Girl!!!


Back home

It is the first time I have returned from a trip to My new home in Holywood, and this time I feel crappy not having My kitty to come home to. It was great fun, and I am happy to be home, but a home is not that special without a kitty.

I am Tired, but I have so much to catch up on My own computer.


Last night

Oh My, dick dancers at Marquis, video bars, Yaffa Cafe, CBGBs, bumped into Dirty Martini and got to send time with My very close close close friend Myka C. Quinn ( *aka* Mistress Veda from Angel Stern’s) for the first time in 7 years. And to all of you in Houston that remember Myka, She is moving to Austin!!!


Now we are in Philly for a few hours befiore flying back to town…we did get a few hours of shopping when we woke this morning. We stayed at a NYC dungeon owner’s house one block from Broadway, so we were so set.


Today in cold Philly

Sittin, and a waitin, and a hopin, and a tyin, and a shootin pics.

I did some riggin of Lolita lovelace tied for Veronica’s pics…it’s friggn’ old. I have My fetish clothes on under My shirts, but screw the shoes till I see the green. I shot the pics, so I didn’t need to put any shoes on.

Need more Diet Mountain Dew in the fridge…must attempt to crystalize My kdneys with aspartame! Why, because it is cld and I am bored and there is very little better to do.

Tomorrow or Saturdy we will ride the train to New yrk City…My first time in New york…christ, how do these people lve…it will soon drop to below zero and snow again. Too much for this southern girl.


“You wouldn’t worry so much about what people thought about you if you realized how seldom they do”

This is absolutely brilliant! Think about it.


Now I have a courtdate coming, and a huge fine pending due to carrying a 6 and three quarter inch curved blade through the airport in My carry-on. I had been playing with it in session and when I left the house for the flight to philly I accidentally forgot that it was in My bag!!!
They asked why I had it…I told them it is a sex toy…WELL IT IS!

I nearly didn’t make the flight…poor Veronica was about to be stuck in Philly when I had all the winter clothes…

There is snow everywhere…I am quite shocked that it doesn’t feel too cold to Me.