One thing that I’ve noticed when people call me to inquire about a session is that many of you seem to think that “domination” is an adequate answer when I ask you what you’re into.

Unfortunately, it is essentially NOT answering the question at all.  It is to be assumed, if you’re calling a dominatrix that you’re more than likely seeking a domination session, but that is a very wide ranging subject and extremely vague term that fails to give a Dominant any insight to you as a submissive.  More than that, as a safe, sane and consensual, ethical dominant it’s essentially to have AT LEAST some type and degree of pre-scene negotiation.  That is standard for the BDSM lifestyle and also as a fetish provider.  (Beware any dominant who doesn’t attempt even a minimal discussion of what your interests and limitations are, especially if you’ve had no trust or rapport built.)

I just made this little survey to better get to know you as a sub and the type of play and dynamic you’re seeking from serving and/orplaying with me or any other play partner.


What does domination look like to you, as a kinky bottom?




[  ] Sensual dominance, body worship, tease

[  ] Cuckolding, orgasm denial, SPH, voyeurism

[  ] Sensory deprivation or sensory overload 

[  ] Traditional discipline, corporal punishment, percussion play

[  ] Service oriented submission, being useful and helpful 

[  ] Pampering and spoiling or financial domination

[  ] Masochism, pain play, genital torment 

[  ] Verbal humiliation, verbal mindfuck, verbal tease

[  ] Extreme restraint, inescapable bonds

[  ] Humiliation and degradation with bodily odors and bodily functions

[  ] Fear play, psychodrama, threats, boundary testing

[  ] Gender exploration, feminization, cross-dressing, guided transitioning

[  ] Medical play, clinical invasive play, medical procedures for erotic therapies 

[  ] Power dynamic roleplay (boss/employee, teacher/student, law enforcement/perp or prisoner)

[  ] Non-sexual objectification (serving as furniture or other inanimate objects)

[  ] Sexual objectification (providing sex services for others on demand and with no reciprocation or consideration of your sexual needs)

[  ] Public humiliation, humiliation and subjugation under multiple dominants or in view of others

[  ] Puppy/pony training or other roleplay as trainable animal or pets

[  ] Guided meditation, hypnotic influences 

[  ] Being subjected to various intoxes

[  ] Age related roleplay or wearing pampers

[  ] Percussion play, corporal punishment, spanking, flogging

[  ] Consensual humiliation based on race/religion or various types of body shaming.

[  ] Teasing related to fetish imagery and fetish indulgences (smoking, wardrobe, lipstick etc.)

[  ] Firmly guided exploration of bisexuality and homosexuality 

[  ] OTHER (please explain)



(You can cut and paste your reply, or simply delete those that don’t apply to you)


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