Hello all,

It’s 2021 and life has changed so much.  One of the many things that has changed is my personal life.  In the past I always kept the same schedule 10a-10p/7 days a week and my personal life fit in whenever I didn’t have anything booked in the dungeon.

Not any more.  Sorry, my pets.  You’re going to have to learn to share (or at least learn how to bribe me really well, and make it worth my while).

The new schedule is as follows:

Monday through Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday 10am-6p
Sunday 5p-10p

A day’s notice is preferable.
Same day sessions maybe indulged with 3 hours minimum notice.

** If interested in booking outside of my aforementioned schedule, I am not above being bribed handsomely with full payment in advance to making special considerations when and if possible.

**Overnight and extended/multi-day sessions are available with the a week minimum notice, consultation and security deposit.

**Double/Triple Domme sessions are also available with the 4 days minimum notice, consultation and security deposit.

**FTT sessions require 24 hours minimum notice from the time security deposit is received. (This session requires a lot of preparation and puts a lot of strain on my body. Notice and security deposit are non-negotiable.)

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