The safeword/phrase I chose for yesterday’s Alice in Wonderland shoot dominating the Mad Hatter: “We’re all mad here!”

It was perfect.
He did end up using it and it was such an appropriate safeword that it won’t require editing around it.

I just responded, “Did you just say, ‘We’re all mad here.’?!”
“Get on your knees!”.

In scene safe words are fun to play with.
I played with a smart ass masochist ex of mine once; I put him in bondage for him to try to get out of and made the safeword, “Genevieve is GOD!”.
Something his smart ass would struggle to keep from saying.

The universal safeword experienced players already know is “red”, but I still get asked
what the safeword is by new clients.
My advice when asked this is, if not told a safeword, then “safeword” IS a safeword!
It makes even more sense than “red” (which already makes tons of sense itself).

The reason why I tell them this is many will ask to play without safewords and for that type of player, being told a safeword before you play ruins their fantasy because the scene begins the second they are in your presence. Letting safeword be the safeword allows them the headspace of this being merciless cruelty, but still have an emergency killswitch just in case.

It’s awesome to have fun with your safeword.
Why say red to stop one activity and redirect the scene to verbal humiliation and slaps instead by phrases like, “You’re a cunt!”.
Mistress stops and stays in role with something like, “Did you just call me a ‘cunt’, you little shit?! (sub confirms)… THAT’S IT! Punishment! You’re going to mop the floor with your face!”. Then wraps their head with paper towel… or run long dialogue (1-2 minutes) about punishment to space between activities as the sub collects themselves and readies for more at a lesser intensity or different play.

You don’t have to break the power exchange role or fantasy or continuity of a scene to have a safeword called; you just need to pick safewords that are well thought to maintain the tone and flow and not feel like the sub has control to stop things even when they do.

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