Hello my pervy little pets.

Are you ready for some freaky, fun fetish adventures?  August is always the calm before the storm.

If you’re from New Orleans you already know that Labor Day weekend is always Southern Decadence weekend.  Southern Decadence can only be best described as a Leather Gay version Mardi Gras.  It’s definitely lived up to its name with decadent, lewd anc lascivious conduct loudly and proudly displayed in all its glory, flooding out into the streets.

For the first time in my life, in all of my years living in New Orleans, I finally joined a Mardi Gras Krewe.  If you’re not from here you may not have realized that some Mardi Gras Krewe march in all sorts of parades through out the year.

I am a proud, new member of the Krewe of Goddesses and the Southern Decadence parade on Sunday will be my first parade rolling with my Krewe.  Keep an eye out for me!

This is the Big Bang that starts off New Orleans tourist season and ushers in the insanely busy social calendar of Halloween season.

VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR HOUSTON SESSIONS ON SEPTEMBER 9th and 22nd.  Email: genevieve@msgenevieve.com

The next big news for September is that I will be making two VERY short , one day trips to Houston.  I’ll be around, out and about in Htown and trying to fit in a Slave or two on September 9th and then returning again, for only one day on the 22nd.

I’m a featured guest performer at the Sinical Magazine Fetish Ball in Houston on the 22nd.  That will be a really sexy and exciting affair for all.

When I return from that Houston trip it will be less than a week till my next big kinky adventure and last hoorah of the month.  That is when I will be hosting the third monthly party of my new kinky collaboration called “O”.

If September is going to be this fast and wild, I can only imagine what October will hold.

Fasten your seatbelts!




Mistress Genevieve

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