I just wrapped 3 days with a new video slave, only two of which were shoots.

The second day I was exhausted and he was still trying to recover from the heavy play and colorful marks made in the shoot the previous day.  Instead of shooting, he just spent time in service and brought me dinner.
Unfortunately, this video slave lives in another state.
It might be a minute till his next visit.
I’m still looking for more video slaves.
Due to inexperienced video slaves having a tendency to ghost last minute or get camera shy, making them have a harder time relaxing on film, my preference would be someone with video experience… but it’s not mandatory.
I also have a preference for subs who can play a bit heavier, with a wider range of consensual play, versatility… still not necessarily a deal breaker.
It’s all case by case.
Lucky timing and a thoughtful, articulate approach can really make a world of difference when it comes to trying out inexperienced or lighter subs for video slave.
Video slaves are always going to be more like to be considered for my stable, as they are building rapport and already an asset by subbing in video.
It’s a great way to get an opportunity to earn a collar.
If you are interested in trying your luck being considered for subbing on video and possibly grow from there, email me your well thought introduction (sharing your range, experience, consensual and other limitations, availability, any concerns or accommodations that you might be needing for discretion or physical issues… any other important input or inquiries you feel need to share).

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