A shipment of alternative bondage supplies just arrived!

12 rolls of 3M vet wrap in assorted colors
1 roll of self-fusing silicon tape
1 spool of black rubber surgical tubing
18 rolls of duct tape in assorted colors
1 roll of latex wrap (uncut “special heavy” exercise bands)

I absolutely love my ropes, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about encasing, mummifying, layering and experimenting with the surgical tubing and wrap, to provide a completely different feel to the restraint. Though, being latex, they have a lot of stretch and give, making it ultimately not likely to be “inescapable” or effectively restrictive in small quantities or by themselves.



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I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to be Guest of Honor for the second annual DonCon NOLA, October 5th-9th, 2017!

This is a prestigious honor for a Domme.  It is an award and title that recognizes Mistresses who have contributed to both the Professional Dominatrix community and the Lifestyle BDSM community.
DomCon began in Los Angeles in 2004 and now is in it’s 13th year.
I taught at the first DomCon in LA, 2004.
I was Guest of Honor at the first DomCon Atlanta 2004.
I was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the first DomCon NOLA in 2016.
Now I will be recognized again.
I hope to see you all there in October!

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I’m a little slow in announcing this here, but you can catch me tonight, Sunday August 20th at Kinky Salon’s latest big party.

I will be attending as the event’s official Dungeon Mistress, facilitating play and supervising the safety of their dungeon scenes.

Catch me if you can.


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